About Procomún

Place for educational and learning purposes, primarily by the teaching community and students, but also for the general public. Everyone can search, view and download learning objects in different formats.

The Procomún Educational Space is an initiative of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports (MECD) that is based on the Agrega Project, enriching it with new elements. It is specified in a web space that integrates learning objects and teaching experiences constituting an intelligent, social and distributed Web.

In the space Procomún Education is the repository of Open Educational Resources (OER) created by the MECD and the Autonomous Communities in the educational community can find and create structured instructional material, classified standardized form (LOM-ES) prepared for download and direct use by teachers and students.

It has built a "semantic layer" on the existing platform and expanded the services offered by the web by working with structured and linked within the standards of the semantic web data. The incorporation of a faceted search engine allows users to find learning objects restricting the complete package through multiple criteria or facets based on their own reasoning.

The other key element Procomún Space Education is Teaching Social Network linked closely to educational resources through a system of social labeling, user feedback, educational contexts, guidelines, and learning communities.