Student's Perceptions, Process and Product in a CSCL Experience

Imaxe de Diego J. Vigueras
Publicado por  Diego J. Vigueras |  26/10/2019 resposta 0

Abstract: Following up students' progress in collaborative activities is a learning and assess student's performance. Considering this, a Computer Supported Collaborative Learning (CSCL) environment was created in the subject Middleware, devoted to the development of collaborative software projects delivered to undergraduates from Computer Engineering in a Spanish university. Students (n=46) were asked to work in teams using the SCRUM methodology and the GitLab software. In order to analyse their individual performance, a Learning Analytics platform was created and an online survey was designed to complement the results obtained collecting students' perceptions. One of the aims in our project was to explore the relationships between students' outcomes and their perceptions about teamwork and the tools used. Specifically, we analysed the relationship between students' final mark, students' perceptions of teamwork and their SCRUM competence. Their sense of flow during the collaborative activity was measured as well. Results who correlations among these variables. Further discussion is provided around the students' perceptions as a key aspect for understanding students' behaviour and performance. 


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