English in my daily life: "Festivities around the world"

English in my daily life: "Festivities around the world"

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This project is part of a set of projects entitled 'English in my daily life' which is based on the curriculum for the 1st year of compulsory secondary education. The final challenge of this project is to create a practical guide to the most known festivities in the countries where English is spoken.

CONOCIMIENTO PREVIO: Students need no preknowledge to complete all these tasks because there are materials enough to be independent in their accomplishment. Students also have the help and orientation from their teacher.

OBJETIVOS: At the end of the project the student will have worked and developed these language competences: -Knowing and using vocabulary about family and relationships. -Writing about past events. -Promoting investigation strategies about history. -Interacting with certain autonomy when you are taking working with different online tools. -Working collaboratively as a group. -Evaluating their work and their partners' giving opinion and feedback. Students will also develop different ICT competences: -Sharing and working with Google Docs. -Creating a digital poster using a web tool. -Running a journal - portfolio.

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