Terms of use

By accessing or using the Service Area Educational Procomún the user declares to have read the Terms of Use and the rules of conduct of its ethical code contained herein.

Terms of use

These conditions govern the use of Procomún Educational Service Area (hereinafter Procomún) through the web (http://procomun.educalab.es).

About Procomún Educational Service Area

The Procomún Service is a free service of the National Institute of Educational Technology and Teacher Education (hereinafter INTEF) intended as social space for teachers and education professionals to create, develop and share educational resources.

INTEF reserves the right to make changes it deems appropriate and may change, delete and include, unilaterally and without notice, new content and / or services and how they are presented and located.

To use Procomún, and participate actively simply register by accessing the web http://procomun.educalab.es

Access Requirements

To create a user account in the Procomún Service, you must have at least 18 years. By registering Procomún declares that meets this requirement and is trained to understand, accept and comply with the terms of use and code of ethics governing the operation of this network. INTEF can request information at any time to demonstrate their actual age and reserves the right to block or terminate your profile if not provide that information within the agreed timeframe.

In processing the registered user, you should choose a passwords. Whenever you want to enter the network, you will be prompted to authenticate these keys, responsible for all activities that occur under your username and password.

INTEF not responsible for custody that is made of these identifying features or use a third party makes of them without their consent.

INTEF may restrict the use of certain usernames that violate the rights of third parties.

Register procedure in Procomún

To sign in Procomún Service is required to check in http://procomun.educalab.es page by clicking on "Register". In the registration process you will be asked for your account access data and personal data. An account verification will be done via email.

Intellectual property rights and industrial

You acknowledge and agree to be solely responsible for your postings and content you submit to Procomún and the result of its publication.

You represent and warrant that you have (and will remain so while using the service) all necessary licenses, rights, consents and permissions required to allow the INTEF published under Creative Commons licenses Spain, under the terms chosen by the author of the contents provided by him, according to the manner contemplated by the Website and these Terms of use. The conditions for this license are available at http://es.creativecommons.org/licencia/.

You agree not to post any content that is subject to intellectual property rights of others (not including exclusive rights of publicity) unless the legal copyright holder has granted a formal license or permission to publish the material in question.

The INTEF expressly excludes all liability for the contents provided by users.

The INTEF reserves the right (but is not obligated) to decide whether the contents provided they meet the stipulated requirements contained in these conditions. You can delete such content and / or terminate access to any user platform that violates these terms of use at any time, without notice and in its sole discretion.

Completion of service

In the same way the user handles high,? You can cancel your account on the Service Procomún accessing the link "PROCOMUN Quit". In dealing cancellation, your profile on the platform will be removed and the information from the visible to other users. You can find more information in the document "Privacy and data protection".

INTEF reserves the right to deactivate user names and accounts that have been inactive for more than 6 months.

INTEF reserves the right, at any time, to discontinue temporarily or permanently access and / or service. This interruption can be performed prior notice and the fact of accepting these conditions, by registering, you are agreeing deactivating their accounts and profiles on the Procomún Service. INTEF not be held liable to third parties or the user of the termination or suspension of access or modification itself.


INTEF not responsible for the opinions, representations, statements and comments made by the user from the different tools in this network are at your disposal, the holder of the keys to access the network being directly responsible.

To achieve the purposes for which the Procomún Service was created, is not allowed to use user profiles for acts that are considered illegal or unauthorized, they are a fit for other users, fraudulent, libelous or that breach our code of ethics.

In http://procomun.educalab.es/, you will find links that lead to websites, blogs, materials or web sites not managed by INTEF and over which it has no control INTEF not be responsible for content, services or products from them, the veracity of the information the party offer or any other type of content offered.


The web service Espacio Procomún Educativo uses Cookies (small information files that the server sends to the computer of the person accessing the page) to the extent necessary for the proper functioning and visualization of the website by the user.

Cookies used on the website are, in any case, temporary and disappear at the end of the user's session. In no case will Cookies be used to collect personal information.

Ethical code

The following code provides the framework for the proper use of Procomún Service. Collect the rules of coexistence within the network to promote a positive working environment exchange, opinions and values. Its main objective is to establish guidelines to protect the maximum privacy rights that are recognized by law and the overall experience of the network, as a complement to the conditions of access.

If the user detects any violation by a third network standards, you can communicate by sending an email to cau.recursos.intef@mecd.es

In the Procomún Service knowledge sharing freely and without any initial restrictions except legal and contractual limitations on the content and behavior among users is encouraged.

User identity

It is the duty of the user to provide certain information to create your profile.


In accordance with the provisions of this document, the user must not exchange, share, store or promote, through our network, materials, opinions or comments that violate legal regulations or this Code of Ethics.

Uses community

The invitation and the use of different communities managed by the social network Procomún not be used for commercial purposes.

Not permitted acts

It is not allowed access to or use of Procomún Service for illegal or unauthorized purpose.

More specifically, without the following list have absolute, is not allowed:

  1. Defame, harass, intimidate or threaten other network users or third parties Procomún service to it.
  2. Use personal and intimate details of other people with different purposes to which the environment of the community it belongs determined.
  3. Using the network as a tool for exchange of materials or information that are obscene, unlawful, defamatory, immoral and / or inappropriate.
  4. Exchange materials according to the law of intellectual property belonging to third parties without your consent. Similarly, no disclaimers may withdraw copyright, trademark or other related rights.
  5. Using Procomún diffuser Service as viruses, sending spam, malicious programs and files and / or programs that interrupt, damage or limit the operation of the network itself or any software, hardware or telecommunications equipment. Similarly, is not permitted any action which could damage, overburden, or impair Procomún Network Service.
  6. Create an account under a false identity or by impersonation of another person or entity.

Doing either of the above behavior by a user allow INTEF, depending on the severity and in its discretion, suspend or terminate the user profile immediately and, if necessary, remove content profiles that violate this list of prohibited acts.

Where applicable, pursuant to the provisions of the preceding paragraph, INTEF suspend or cancel the user profile automatically. This act does not entitle to compensation. For all these purposes, INTEF may give notice and timely cooperate with the competent law enforcement authorities if detected any violation of law or if he suspected crime.